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Neck lift and facelift are two procedures that have a major effect on your appearance and can make you look younger. They can be either done at the same time or have either facelift or neck lift, depending on the patient’s needs. With Dr. Shamloo, you get the care and expertise you need for successful facelift surgery in Los Angeles.

What are Neck Lifts and Face Lifts?

A Facelift surgery, also known as Rhytidectomy, is a procedure that gets rid of excess lax skin and makes it tighter. These laxities can be related to either age, hereditary or environmental factors. Your skin loses elasticity, creating deep wrinkles and begins to sag. This leads to a loss of muscle tone, making you appear older than you are.

A Neck lift surgery, also known as Platysmaplasty, this procedure main purpose is to tighten skin around the jaw and the neck. Some patients start to see deep wrinkles on the neck, have a “turkey neck”, or jowl lines (saggy skin around the neck), will consider a neck lift surgery.

A general procedure for a facelift or neck lift involves a surgeon removing excess skin as a result tightening the skin around the face or neck enhancing your facial aesthetic. The tightened tissues remove the sagginess and wrinkles from your skin, helping you achieve a more youthful look. Most people have a facelift in combination with a neck lift. While other patients are only interested in targeting either their or neck depending on the patient needs and desired appearance to achieve.

What are the Benefits of Facelifts and Neck lifts?

Many cosmeticians claim to offer different products and creams that could help you remove the wrinkles from your skin, but there is not a real solution. A facelift and neck lift combination, on the other hand, is an effective solution to rid your face and neck from excess skin and wrinkles that accumulate with time.

Facelifts and Neck lifts have a very positive effect on the way you look. Your skin becomes tightened and refined, giving it a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. It also helps eliminate jowls, excessive fat or loose skin around the neck, and deep wrinkles.

Who Should Get a Facelift and Neck Lift?

Aging process relates to your tissues and how you do to care for them. There is no magical age to make the decision to have a face or neck lift.

Facelift / Neck Lift candidates:

  1. Unhappy with the appearance of loose skin
  2. Deep wrinkles on the face or neck
  3. A regularly tired appearance
  4. A chin with less definition along with a sagging neck
  5. Development of multiple creases and jowls
  6. A visible loss in the elasticity of the skin as well as the muscle tone in the face and neck regions

During the consultation, Dr. Shamloo will be able to further discuss in details what his professional advice is. Be sure to visit the neck lift Facelift before and after page to see how this procedure can benefit you.

Why You Should Get a Facelift from Dr. Shamloo

It is imperative that you choose an experienced and well-trained professional to handle this procedure for you.

As a Board certified and double qualified facial and cosmetic plastic surgeon operating in Los Angeles, Dr. Shamloo offers you a service that’s conducive to your personal needs and has your best interests at heart. However, it’s the care and dedication that sets him and his team apart from the rest. With an approach geared towards meeting your needs and an experienced group of professionals backing him up, Dr. Shamloo offers you plastic surgery in Los Angeles that is bound to give you the aesthetic you desire.

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Neck Lift (Before / After)

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