Ear Surgery

Ear surgery or otoplasty or also known as ear pinning is a procedure to help bring ears to a normal place without leaving any visible scars. The ear size can also be reduced as well as reshaped to make them more symmetrical and proportion to the rest of your facial features. Not only is it beneficial to search for the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, but also knowing what this surgery entails, its benefits, and candidates.

What is Ear Surgery

Ear surgery is a very common procedure for both adults and even children as young as five. Ears have nearly matured by the age of five, that’s why it is acceptable to do this surgery at such a tender age. It could also have great benefits and it is even recommended getting this surgery for kids as early as possible. This procedure can help prevent kids from bullying over their ears sticking out or not being “normal”. People do not know what kind of psychological trauma can from that kind of torment at such an early age of development.

Depending on the patient’s needs and desired results, Dr. Shamloo will use the appropriate technique. Results will be visible immediately, but there will be swelling during the course of healing that final results won’t be clearly apparent until a few weeks after surgery. Patients are able to return to their strenuous routine by the end of two weeks. There is very minor discomfort and medications required only on rare occasion. The patient does need to protect their ears from bleeding, it is recommended to wear a headband after the surgery for some time.

What Benefits Does Having Ear Surgery Have

Ear surgery Los Angeles does not only help kids to not be teased for their ears at school but also:

  • Corrects overly large ears
  • Positions ear in the correct place
  • Self-confidence boost
  • Balance to the ears
  • In proportion with other facial features

This procedure can bring various benefits for the people who find it necessary. If you would like to see the results of ear surgery with Dr. Shamloo, be sure to visit the ear surgery Before and After page.

Candidates for Ear Surgery Los Angeles

Candidates for this procedure range from young children to adults who feel insecure about their ears being too large for their face or protrude. If your ears seem to be asymmetrical to each other or oddly shaped due to either accident or genetics this is a procedure you should consider. If you feel like your earlobes are big or weirdly shaped schedule a consultation with Dr. Shamloo today.

Why Dr. Shamloo for Ear Surgery

If you’re searching for a plastic surgeon that is board certified with over twenty years of experience, multiple certifications and achievements, a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, then you should consider Dr. Shamloo. He listens to each and every one of your questions and concerns. He makes sure every step is clear and that this procedure is safe and correct for you. You, the patient, is his priority in helping you reach your aesthetic goals.

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