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Plastic Surgery In LA: Why Is Dr. Shamloo Your Ideal Surgeon?

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For most patients, having reconstructive or plastic surgery means having to trust their most intimate insecurities to someone. It’s important that the patient is able to have full certainty, as they approach a surgeon, that the outcome will be positive, and in line with their own expectations. It is essential to have a surgeon who is professional, experienced, and willing to listen to your queries and address all your issues before you proceed with the surgery.

If you happen to be someone seeking Dr. Shamloo who is a qualified Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles is focused on providing the highest quality of plastic surgery treatments and care to achieve the best possible outcomes. He combines his surgical experience with meticulous attention to detail, in order to acquire beautiful and natural-looking results.

Why Choose Dr. Shamloo?

Trustworthiness and Communication

Dr. Shamloo makes his priority to articulate your aesthetic goals most effectively. It’s essential that you’re working with a surgeon who you are able to have an open and candid communication with. His main focus is to ensure that his patients feel confident and comfortable before proceeding with the surgery. He will make sure to take the time to understand you, address your concerns and answer any questions. Dr. Shamloo believes that the whole surgery process is collaborative – and he wants you to be part of the team every step of the process.

Training And Experience

It is integral that the surgeon you seek in Los Angeles has sufficient experience, training, and qualification to be able to handle something as sensitive as plastic surgery.

Dr. Shamloo has been in practice for more than two decades. He has performed numerous surgeries and is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced surgeons in the LA Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery industry. Dr. Shamloo is the first double qualified cosmetic and facial surgeon practicing in California. He received his M.D and D.M.D from Oregon Health Sciences University. He subsequently finished his facial surgery residency from Oregon Health Sciences University and Emmanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Shamloo is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic surgery, the only American Academy for surgeons practicing the science and art of cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation/beautification of the body/face in the United States.

Dr. Shamloo has been an invited instructor at UCLA’s Department of Surgery and served as a guest lecturer in many other cosmetics as well as academic conferences around the globe. He is a Diplomate of American Academy Maxillofacial surgery – the highest level milestone in the field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Shamloo believes his practice philosophy is the same as the principals that he has followed in his life. The first and foremost of these principles is “DO NO HARM”. He is committed to performing the same top quality procedures for his patients as if he is doing surgery on his own family members. He firmly believes that it is his great privilege to perform any procedure on his patients, which establishes a friendship with them and their families. Dr. Shamloo evaluates each patient by looking at them as a whole, not different parts of their body and face. Envisioning the proportion and integration of their face and body will result in a harmonious blend that leads to the desired effect.

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