Chin Augmentation

Mentoplasty or “Chin” augmentation is a surgical procedure carried out to seek surgery to improve the appearance of the chin and midface.

Many people have a chin that is too small for their face. When one has a lack of chin projection, the face is weakened. It can also make the nose look larger than it really is. For this reason, many patients will seek surgery to improve the appearance of the chin, this accomplished by inserting a small synthetic implant over the natural bone. The operation can also greatly enhance the results of a facelift, since loss of chin projection may occur with ageing. Chin augmentation is also commonly combined with facial liposuction, where fat is removed under the chin and from the neck. This also improve or eliminate the double chin duality with the chin.
During the consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will evaluate your particular condition and advise you as to whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. He will also review any personal risks or possible side effects.

Length of procedure: 1 hours

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